Hey Everyone!!

Newbie here, i have some problems with DVDFab

I just bought a new Hp Pc with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition. It came with a Lightscribe DVD Burner, so i added a plain jane DVD Player.

Here is my problem: Everything with DVDFab is great until it starts to burn to the blank DVD. It will copy the disc and TRY to make the folder C:/Documents…ETC.

As soon as it’s reay to burn it gives me the :Error - Windows has stopped…ETC"

I never had this problem with XP at all…what am i doing wrong??

Thanks :bow:

First off Welcome to the forum!

You would get a lot more help if this was posted in the DVDFab forum instead
of the CD and DVD burners forum maybe one of the mods can move it to the
correct place so you will get the help that you ask for. :iagree: :bigsmile: