DVD Fab Only copies part of DVD

When using customize split setting will only copy approx 130mb of a disc containing 4 parts of a series. Shows full amount and allows the copy to start.
When played copied disc only has the menus etc on it.
Same problems when other copy modes are used.
Also Task 3 failed Error=122 came up on the second disc installed

In this mode you have to put checkmarks in the boxes for the all the Titles you want to be included on each disc. It will show you the size of all the files (and amount of compression if any) for each disc before you click Next. If you did this and it still did not write the files correctly, then there is a problem. Make sure you have PathPlayer in the “Always Enabled” mode. Task 3 is a Verify error unrelated to the copy process.

The boxes were checked and I enabled pathplayer. Approx 3800Mb for each disc . Copying process started O.K. Speed varying between .9 to .45 Mb/s. made it to about 3.5% copied approx 7mins then ejected disc waiting for me to insert blank disc to continue with the next part of the process. Files stored on hard drive about 130MB.I also selected remove RCE in the settings and chose the relevant region but did not make any difference. The disc being copied is a dual layer. Just wondering if I should purchase some dual layer discs and use the clone disc selection. I presume that is what the clone part means. Still reasonably new to using this software.

I’ve never been a fan of the “split” modes, but in truth, I haven’t tried any of the split modes “in forever”.
Whenever I’ve split a disc, I’ve always had much better results with just plain Customize Mode and split the files manually…configuring each disc individually.

When I do split…say a 4 episode disc…I’ll put 2 episodes on each SL disc and keep the menu on each disc. Of course, the menu is only functional for 2 of the 4 episodes, but I just mark each disc accordingly.

Generally, I’ll just use a DL disc…as you are debating doing now.
Particularly, when I get a 50 pk of Verbatim +R DL (MIS = made in Singapore) on sale for about $52.
Clone mode will work just fine for you and I’ve used clone mode quite a bit for series discs.
Still, I often use customize and configure the DL disc to my liking.
For eg., I’ll put 4 episodes of a series on a DL and keep the menu intact, but cut out the crap I don’t want.

This kind of flexiblity is one of the many features I really like about Fab.