DVD Fab 5050 crashes

I updated to DVDFab 5050 and found that whenever I did anything which involved the preview player, DVDFab crashes with the screen to send in details of the crash (which I did). eg. If you switch to the Main Movie option, the screen comes up with a black screen on the preview. Over the next few seconds it starts to show information - title number, chapter number but then just as a picture should appear it crashes.

After much messing about - uninstalling and re-installing, I have gone back to version 5030 and everything is fine. Looks like a bug with the direct show viewer.

Hi Caw,

I love DVD Fab. Been using for over 2 years, however that preview is a BIG waste. Pic to small and quality not good. I use DVD SHRINK to preview after ripping movie to hdd. :disagree:

Hi cawarra and welcome to cdfreaks,

The DirectShow viewer is still buggy for some users, but has been greatly improved with the last update.
It works just fine for me and many other users.
It also offeres fullscreen viewing.

First off, no reason to revert versions, assuming you don’t want to mess with DirectShow or you have persistent problems. Simply switch back to
[B]Internal[/B] rather than [B]DirectShow[/B] in [B]Common Settings > Preview[/B].

If you choose to use the DirectShow viewer, your best bet is to download ffdshow

For some detailed discussion on the subject, take a look here:
DVDFab Beta is out

Personally, I’m using ffdshow tryouts revision 1723 without any problems

Thanks - I now have it working with direct show. When I looked at the preview settings I changed the codecs to the Nero ones and everything works fine.

Also, try the latest Beta.

I have a big problem with spliting and merging DVD’s! When I try one of this operation, my laptop is going to restart !:sad: Can anyone tell me why?


Try the latest version. The change log states that was fixed.

[QUOTE=Dialysis1;2091456]Try the latest version. The change log states that was fixed.[/QUOTE]

Now I am with version. I think, that the latest version is and she is still beta, or I am wrong?

Try beta.

yeah beta, but with DVDFab decoders which work wonderfully. :slight_smile: