DVD Fab and key won't work!



I uninstalled DVDFab because it said while finalizing "Failed to set data for ‘AttemptCount’ ".

I want to note that the discs I have burned in the recent past do play perfectly, and it does finalize, but still shows the message. Also, I have ran it as ‘Run As Administrator.’

I figured that I may need to update to the latest version. I signed onto dvdfab.com, and saw

I have followed the clean uninstall directions, but I was unable to delete certain keys in the registry. I ran Glary Utilities’ registry cleaner, emptied my recycle bin and restarted my computer. Then I went to DVDfab.com, and downloaded, and clicked on the key in my documents folder It’s called Key.DVDFabGold5 , and it keeps returning me to the registration window.

I requested my key for DVDFab 5.x, and that it not be sent as an attachment. When I received it in the e-mail, I opened up DVDFab, input it and hit ok. It still brings me back to the registration screen.

I’m on Windows Vista Home Premium.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




If the key has asterisks (*) in it, do not input them. Sorry you are having trouble. Don’t put the key in a post.


I didn’t. I just retraced over my steps, except this time I requested a key for an earlier version. I entered it, hit ok and DVDFab is up and running. We’ll see if I get the AttemptCount message again.

Crosses fingers that I don’t

Thanks for your help. :bigsmile:


Still getting the error about Failed to set data for AttemptCount.


I have never seen that error, and I’m not sure if it’s being generated internally by DVDFab. Send an email to DVDFab support on the dvdfab.com website. Key problems are being reported in other threads.


Thx, I will do that.