Has anyone had problem with King of California not opening in DVD Fab
version I tried with pathplayer abled and disabled and still get a message screen saying error reading disc. Disc opens and plays ok in DVD player; no scratches or damage to new disc. Reboot computer still same problem.


Hi GTMAN2005,

I just did this flick, R1, with platinum Beta (PP enabled)…no problems at all.
Not sure what gives with, but if you update to Beta, you should be all set.

I agree with alan1476, this one’s not going to win any oscars, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


What brand/model burner do you have?


I updated to DVD Fab and enabled PP but still would not open the disc. this is a first for me as I have not had problems with many discs before; I’m using vista and standard burner that came with Compaq Presario. I’m wondering if I have a bad disc, but viewing the movie was fine no problems.


[QUOTE=Bob;1993704]What brand/model burner do you have?[/QUOTE]

HP computer I think it is Liteon DH16AYH with latest firmware revision YH14.
I have tried DVD Fab HD decrypter and now with same results Fab scans the disc but will not open it. I am curious if King of California has more than one variation of encryption system on their discs.
I’ve never had this problem before with just scanning the disc and not opening; I am at a loss on this one.