DVD FAb 3 Copying Problems

I am currently using the trial version of DVD Fab 3 and for some reason I can’t copy the DVD’s I’ve copied using DVD Fab. I can copy the orignal DVD to my hard drive with no problem using DVD Fab but when I try to copy the copied one that I burned with the DVD Fab 3 it stops in the middle of the process and tells me Task 1 failed, can not write file VTS_01. So my question is why can’t I put the copied DVD that I copied using DVD Fab 3 back on my hard drive?

chitownmami86 Hello and welcome to the DVDFab section of CD Freaks :smiley:
Some times when you do a backup copy even though it plays fine, good or great and the picture quality is good does not mean you got a good burn to the disc, it can have errors on the disc even if you can’t see any during the playback :smiley:

Though I’ve yet to have a prob with Platinum, this is where IMGBurn comes in handy with it’s test mode before burning a coaster…