DVD Fab beta, issue

I have updated to the newest version of dvdfab beta and for some reason everytime i try to clone something from my collection, anything that is on single layer, most of which was made by dvdfab software, it tells me that i need to insert a dual layer disc. is this new.? before i could clone with single and dual layer. just some FYI :clap: :rolleyes:

In your settings change size to 4472 this worked for me(finished fab disc size was 4.35gb,default size is 4.3gb that is why it wants a dl disc)hope this helps.

I actually have my target size set to 4400 and some set it even lower to avoid the edge of the disc.

Just check the disc size you are coping and make sure your write setting is bigger is all I am saying.Otherwise it will ask for a dl disc.

No need to defend yourself, I was merely adding my 3 cents. :smiley:

Not defending just clairifying,and I agree that with some media edge burning can be a problem.

I myself find that 4464 works best for me, helps reduce the amount of compression that is needed when using a DVD5 disc and at the same time gives a good gap from the edge after the burn :bigsmile:

Since I typically use TY’s I think I could actually come out a bit myself…I know they should be good all the way to the edge if needed.

Yes,Stormjumper,I use the old dvd shrink default size as well.Us old guys remember when a cheap sl was $2.00,so making coasters cost a PAYCHECK.

i now use 4400 on all my machines after years of sticking to 4300. Anyways, i haven’t come across this error in any version of DVDFab and i haven’t tried Beta yet but will keep my eyes peeled

Top O’ the day creaky…good to see you stirring. :slight_smile:

yup, thought it was time to come mooch around at cdfreaks for a bit :bigsmile: