Dvd fab john wick chapter 2

I have a subscription to DVD FAb and quit often wheb I purchase anew DVD I will make a backup for my own use, so if my grand children want to watch one of them, we use the backup instead of my original.I tried to decrypt John Wick-Chapter 2 with DVD FAB and tried the Movie Only set at DVD FAB 9 and then I use DVD REBUILDER V 1.28 to compress the DVD if it will not fit on a standard DVD. It only produced 90 MB as the Movie Only. I tried it for the Full Disc and only got 367 MG when I know the disc is at least 7 GB.

Does anyone know what happened, I have never had this problem before. I would appreciate a reply. Kerry 56 suggested I post it here and possibly in Video Editing.

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Please update to the new beta 10041 and try again. It is fixed!


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and it has Cinavia to