DVD Error on DVD Shrink. HELP!

Hey guys,
I use DVD Shrink and usually when I burn DVD’s they are over 4.7 GIGS. I choose ‘Full Disk’ mode and just burn the whole DVD, and DVD Shrink does a good job compressing it and then burning it with DVD Decrypter.

Recently I have had a few DVDs that are less than 4.7 GIGS and I try to do the same process, but for some reason when it burns the DVD only about 2/3 of the stuff is there! I don’t understand…I open the disk, do full disk, (the compression meter says 100% cause it has no compression needed) and then the files are incomplete (on the c-drive only like 3 gigs are present instead of the 4 that are on the original dvd) and I keep wasting blank DVD-Rs. Please help me, I am a dirty newb that needs a helping hand.

Thanks, ChinChin

hmmm weird one - if the disc doesn’t require compression and you want to keep it intact (ie. keep menu’s etc) try using DVD Decrypter to write it to ISO and then burn it.

See how you go!