DVD Error (cyclic redundancy check)



hi guys

I had a few home video DVD’s (that are burnt onto DVD -R’s) and I wanted to copy them, ofcourse they are not copy protected.
I’v copied about 12 with no trouble, however theres this one DVD left that I just cant copy, about 85% of the way thru it comes up with a “cyclic redundancy check”, the problem is on the source DVD as I tried copying to hard disk first.
I tried a variety of software including dvd decrypter and dvdshrink, all to no avail.
The DVD plays back fine, its just a small 5 min period where it freezes however before and even after that the video is fine.
Does anyone know of a way I can salvage whatever data I can from this DVD or even make a full copy?, I dont mind having to skip the bad part when watching the DVD however I cant even copy it.

If I copy the .Vob files myself (in the VIDEO_TS folder) and make a new DVD with nero containing exactly the same folder stucture as orignal DVD and paste the VOB files in a VIDEO_TS folder would that work?.

Any help very much appreciated.

Thank you


It might be a scratch or dirt. Try cleaning the DVD, probably it will help.


tried cleaning and everything
I downloaded and installed “CDCheck” and it extracted the vob files.
files ad up to 2.41GB, orignal dvd file was 2.42GB, I’ll probably burn the files later today, i dont mind if a bits missing, at least it recovered most of it !.


Once I have come across the same problem with an old DVD of mine. I wanted to “save it” and tried to make a backup. Had the same experience as you. Did everything, tried all available software. No result.

I gave up, but as the last resort (without any hope) I tried a software (NTI CD & DVD Maker) that I never use, it came with my computer. It took quiet a time, but finally it could make a backup, that skipped at the faulty part, but could be played back.


i too have had 3 CRC errors in the last week and a half.

i get this error in DVD Shrink:

and i get this error in DVD Decrypter:

i have also tried copying the VOBs and the rest of the files on the DVD to my HDD manually but didn’t havy any luck with that either.

i have searched on these forums and some1, can’t remember who recommended using VOB Blanker. can this program read defective discs?

in DVD Shrink it doesn’t even get past the quick decrypt part, to be able to select the movie and extras i want. this is getting annoying.

are there any other programs that can copy a whole DVD to a HDD. don’t worry about decrypting as i can do that once they are on the HDD.

usually i only have to use DVD Shrink. would SmartRipper be able to do the job?

my specs:

AMD Athlon XP3200+ (2.2GHz)
Asus A7N8X-X mobo
1GB Corsair PC3200 RAM
Radeon 9800 Pro (128MB)
nForce2 on-board audio
WD 80GB 7200rpm HDD 8MB Cache
WD 80GB 7200rpm HDD 2MB Cache
LG 12x Dual Layer DVD Burner
Thermaltake Case Fan Blue LED
Topower 450W PSU

running WinXP Pro with SP2.


If you’ve cleaned the disc, updated your firmware, tried another drive etc, just ignore the errors via the ‘Ignore’ button in DVD Decrypter.

Of course ideally, you’d get another copy of the disc.


LOL , I had this happen today. Looked at the DVD and it had a huge mess of fingerprints. Cleaned it up and it worked. :bow:


That’s a bad burn, you may have recorvered 95% of it but you are missing 5%…so at the end (or whereever it is) you will get a black screen = no audio/video since C1 errors cannot be recovered ONLY ignored as 0’s.


I was getting a CRC error… What I did was ruff up the dvd with a “mr clean magic ereaser (from walmart)” washed the disk and it ripped like a charm.


What do you use to clean the prints off? Any recommendations?


I recently returned an entire box-set of the Matrix only because one disc had a nasty scratch rendering it unplayable. A few months before it was a box set of Futurama for the same reason. It’s an increasing problem I reckon due to rushed packing procedures employed to meet deadlines for high volume production to satisfy demand for special offers.


seems every time i tryed to back up a dvd that was made by sony … (kung fu hustle/house of flying daggers) i’d get this error on dvd shrink…but then i started using DVDFab, works great


I managed to extract files from DVD with CRC error using this software: http://www.aivsoft.com/downloads/badcdreader/help/ (BAD CD/DVD READER). Try it out, it worked for me!


[QUOTE=flycho;2004939]I managed to extract files from DVD with CRC error using this software: http://www.aivsoft.com/downloads/badcdreader/help/ (BAD CD/DVD READER). Try it out, it worked for me![/QUOTE]

This software worked real well. I finally could copy all these DVD-R that keep giving me this damn error. Thank you so much. Copied my daughter’s 2nd birthday onto hard drive and can now send to family.


Sorry, on later examination of the copied files - I see that the files are corrupt after the point where the first error occured. So the software did not solve the problem.


Well this is an old revived thread, but I’ll give it a shot…Is the disc you’re trying to read/copy, dirty,scratched,fingerprints/smudge?
Are you getting an error while using Shrink? You say you copied to HDD, does it play through?


Thanks for the reply. The VOB file plays on the HDD, but the file is perfect for the first 10 minutes and then the image gets all mixed up, blurred, pixelated - the sound is there and one can basically make out the shape of the people in the image - but that is all - it is not pleasant to view.
I am on holiday for the next week and a half and will look at the disc carefully when I get back home.