DVD error checking..?



Well first off I’m very happy to have found this site and you peeps seem to know your stuff.

I’ve only just found CD-DVD Speed & PlexTools! I’ve seen it mentioned a lot that DVDs written at fast speeds 8x-16x are less compatible than discs written at 1x. Can you see this using CD-DVD Speed by using the ScanDisc option and checking the Surface Scan info?

I’m currently using an internal _NEC DVD±RW ND-3450A 102B & Taiyo Yuden’s. I have other ext FW drives though so does the media/drive combo play a big part in the errors shown? If so and the T-Ys aren’t showing errors at any speed, which brands will?

I’d really like to be able to use the Disc Quality option in CD-DVD Speed and the advancded PlexTools Pro XL stuff. What are my drive options? I see that Plextor PX-716UF is about it for their tools but what about with Speed?

Basically, I’d really like to be able to visially see that writing at slower speeds has less (sector?) errors with DVDs, or to find out how jitter and the other things can show a disc is less compatible,

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Well, that isn’t true, you usually get the best burns when you burn the media at it’s rated speed. 8x discs have a different dye than for example 2x or 16x discs, and the dye is designed for that speed.


: Well ofcourse, cheaper discs which are of lower quality might burn better at lower speeds, but when buying quality media I would burn them at their rated speed, not too much below

Media/drive combo is important as some drives prefer some brands of media, but TY will burn well in almost every drive.

You can use the Disc Quality with your NEC ND-3540 with upgraded firmware, check this thread Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3540 Modified Firmware V 1.W5 .


Hmm… well I’ve def had discs that struggled in some players and ROM drives and then written the same projects at lower speeds and they’ve worked fine. You can even hear the laser working on some of the players when playing the disc was written at high speeds and then nothing and no stutter with discs written at slow speeds.

I’ve heard that theory before too though, so I’m wondering if either way can be tested using CD-DVD Speed? Would getting cheap brands of media be better for testing this as they’ll show more errors?

Thanks, I’ll check out the other thread.

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@ Edit

It was using Taiyo Yuden HQ media I saw that writting at slower speeds helped… that’s why I’m trying to see if I can actually test with an analyzer to see the issues.

I guess I’ll get my hands on various brands and run some tests…

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3540 or 3450 ??? :slight_smile: Pretty big difference.

the 3450 cannot do a quality scan, while the 3540 can.


if the media is rated for the speed you are burning (8x medi 8x burn) then your burns should be fine. +r media min burn is 2.4x only original spec -r burns 1x and if you are honestly thinking about burning for 60 minutes straight to get better burns you probably should do some searching as there have been multiple posts where people have found that burning lower than rated yields worse burns than burning at rated. personally i have burned discs at double and sometimes triple rated speed with no I’ll effects. i had 300-350 fuji 2.4x (ricohjpnr00) that i burned @ 8x and all of the discs scanned like the attachment. i have 500 prodiscr02 4x that are being burned now at 8x and they scan as below. the dyes are created to be burned in a specific range of speeds. with higher speed dte you may have problems if you burn it at a very low speed


Woops, I read 3540, my mistake.


Thanks for the info, this is all great stuff. Two more questions :slight_smile:

Would writing 2x @ 2x make a more compatible disc than writing 8x @ 8x, in general? I know that if you use HQ media it doesn’t actully make that much difference it would seem.

there have been multiple posts where people have found that burning lower than rated yields worse burns than burning at rated.

I will see if I can find the posts, but this is what I’m interested in. Can you see the problems with these graphs and the scan disc option?

Many thanks for all the comments, much appreciated,