Dvd erase

Hi al, I have a quick question. Can I erase just one file off of a dvd r/w data cd or must I erase the whole dvd. All advice appreciated and thanks

If the file was written with a packet writing software like InCD then you theoretically can erase a single file.

Please, note that i said “theoretically” because packet writing softwares are so buggy that actually you can lose all files on the disc.

The only alternative to remove a single file is to copy all files to hard disk, remove the files you want delete, and then burn again the rewritable disc. A little tricky but the safest way :slight_smile:

You cannot really erase single file from CD or DVD. Erase will destroy complete write. You can Delete a file, but it will not be erased, just access will be gone and new file will be written to the end of the of the sessions on CD or DVD.
These tings do not work the same as HD, where you adventually overwrite the old stuff.

You can delete and add files on an appendable disc, but the files remain as the files in the recycling bin. This mean that the space the deleted file was using remains used and you will not recover any space when deleting a file. Thus the amount of free space will remain the same after deleting a file or files. The total amount of space usable on a disc will always include both deleted and read files. When you erase a disc, you then start over will a blank disc.