DVD episode splitting to mobile

Let me just say that DVDFab is one of the most useful programs out there.

I currently have a DVD that has many different episodes on it that I’m converting for my mobile. Everything works excellent, but I have to encode each episode individually.

I think it would be great if I could just do a big batch conversion and have it do all of the episodes for me. I know that you can do this for files and such on your hard drive, but you cannot do it reading directly off of the DVD.

I think it would be very easy to add this feature, and it will make DVDFab even MORE valuable. All that needs to be done is a button added. Once I select the DVD and the chapters I want and all of that it takes me to the task list. Perhaps if a button was added to this screen that said “Add new task”. This button would take you back to the first screen and let you select different chapters. Then this selection would be added to the task list and you could add another. Finally, when you have all of the different tasks in there that you like just click start, wait, and then you’ll have every episode off of the dvd perfectly titled and split. It would be excellent.

Also, another thing you might want to change: iPods (5G and above) support h.264 video up to 640x480 at 1.5mbps. It also supports mp4 up to 640x480 at 2.5mbps. I modified the .xml so that it now lets me do these things, but I just thought that it would be better if I didn’t have to modify the .xml files. I know it’s weird, but the Apple site is wrong about this. Heck, videos downloaded off of iTunes are h.264 640x480 at 1.5mbps.

Also, the current default video resolutions for iPods are just plain weird. You should change them so they’re just like for the Zune (640x480,640x360,320x240,320x180). All of those video resolutions work perfectly on all video iPods (trust me, I’ve tried all of them)