DVD encryption problem

Hi guys, sorry if this is a stupid question as I am a newbie to this.

I am trying to decrypt my copy of Pan’s Labyrinth before converting to IPo0d using Handbrake. I have tried DVD decrypter and FABDVD and both hit problems at c51%. The error messages vary but seem to indicate there is some encryption they can’t get through.

DVD FAB says it needs to use pathfinder to get through this, but then takes 1hr+ to scan the disk, let alone start copying it (I don’t know how long it actually takes as I have given up after 1h 15 mins of scanning)

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

What error messages do you get? Normally when it gets that far into the disk and then fails, you are looking at some sort of physical problem, which could be dirt, fingerprints, scratches, or in the worst case, it could be a flaw in the interior of the disk.

I backed up my copy of Pan’s Labyrinth some time back using AnyDVD. I’ve forgotten if I used the built-in ripper that comes with AnyDVD or another one…maybe DVDShrink. But I didn’t have any problems with this movie.

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I backed up my own DVD of this movie simply with DVDDecrypter/DVDSrhrink, so I don’t think there is some special protection on this disc. Could be different in other parts of the worlds, though (I’m in Europe).

I’m with [B]kerry56[/B], the most probable culprit is some physical damage or imperfection impacting the disc’s readability in your DVD drive. Try cleaning it. :slight_smile: