DVD Encoder needed



Hello everyone. I need an encoder for me to encode my files to DVD format so tt i can burn them. Using my desktop i would use Nero to encode then save onto my HDD. But my laptop which i just bought doesnt have a DVD writer so since Nero did not detect a DVD writer on my laptop it doesnt have the capability to encode files to DVD format. What should i do ?


What for files you’d like to convert to DVD? Normally you should be able to convert your
video files to dvd format with NeroVisionExpress and save them to hdd, another way to convert
the files is to use TmpgEncoder, for example.


VSO divx to dvd and Dvd2 svcd are two free good programs. Don’t let the name fool you. These two programs wiil convert most video formats.


Normally i would be able to do that in my desktop because i have a writer installed and it was detected therefore in the options i could choose to “MAKE MY OWN DVD-FILES”. But without a writer detected on my laptop i could not choose to make my own DVD files. TMPG is not freeware ya ?


“TMPG is not freeware ya ?”
it’s trial ware.


I’ve tried TMPG before … its quite slow and tedious … anyone got something like Nero ?


Encoders take time. HC or QuEnc are free alternatives, QuEnc is probably the fastest and most people agree it offers the best quality, although HC looks as though it might take the lead.


I use the HC encoder in DVD Rebuilder Pro v.93.2 and it has outstanding quality.

BTW the current version is HC.14 but there will be very soon a newer version HC.15.



Im using WinAVI. Superb. Just so fast man. The only setback is that it doesnt give you the details of the clip before converting so that you can convert according to the details. I got this clip which i encoded to 4:3 but looks strange so now im converting it to 16:9 instead.

I need details like frame aspect, sound codecs within … (ac3 or not), NTSC or PAL mainly is these 3 details. Anyone got any program to recommend which can display such details ? Im using GSpot but the details shown are not those im interested in …


Oops. This is what I meant to post.