DVD encode Question

Does every movie need encoding in order
make a watchable DVD? If you took a ‘plain’ mpeg file,drag and dropped it,in Nero,and burned it,could you get a good quality picture on a DVD,as long as you
didn’t exceed the DVD’s space, I put two
movies on a DVD+RW,it played on my desktop,but not on my Samsung M301
which has compatibility with that format.
Do the files in Nero always have to be IFO,BUP,or VOB,to make a vaild DVD Disc?
Excuse my many questions,but I wanna get this show on the road!!!

I think that’s just a compatibility issue.

If you want your dvd’s playable in almost every dvd player known to mankind , i’d suggest sticking to the rules and regulations the dvd forum has come up with (the vob thingy).

if you don’t care about that and just want to play it in your player , which is compatible with .mpg , .avi , perhaps even .divx:) then sure… why not…

Thanks ,Mr Belvedere,I appreciate your reply


What programs do I need to use to convert my Mpeg-2 files to vob’s and what not


The latest IFO Edit can create valid vob files from mpeg2- and ac3 input.


IfoEdit works a treat
Is there anyway of adding a menu to the DVD using IfoEdit

Thanks again