Dvd emulator

I am in search of an emulator for dvd’s. I tried the search function and tried all the links mentioned for cd emulators (they do not work for dvd). Does anyone know if such a program exist and if so where to download it.

What is it that you want to do exactly?! Play DVD’s in a CDrom player using this emulator?! If it’s that, then you can give up; it’s not possible! :wink:
Or do you want to emulate a standalone DVD player? So you can play your DVD movies in a DVD player in your computer? That is possible! Get PowerDVD or WinDVD @ DivX-Digest.

I have a dvd which has a protection that fair use(= easy way for ripping at high quality)cannot bypass. But thsi is no problem for smartripper, so I rip the whole dvd to a directory(so byby protection. Now I need a emulator so fair use thinks there is a dvd but it just my dir. This is kinda like the program where you can read 10 cds and play them afterwards without the cd so the computer thinks the cd is in the tray but its not, but I need this for a dvd not for a cd.
I am not helped with sugestions like use a other program than fair use because I wont, I ripped a few cds with it and it is so usefull and easy and has such a high quality. In my humbel opinion it could be the best program there is (if the developer make some changes so copyprotection aren’t a problem it is certainly the best program)

Aha so what you really need is a program like Deamon Tools, but then instead of a normal CDrom a DVDplayer! Well that’ll clear things up butt i’m sorry 2 say i’ve got no answer (not yet) will search for it! :slight_smile:

Install a DVD software player program , for instance WinDVD.

(is needed install DVDGenie to make WinDVD think it’s region free… that problem solved too)

Download and install X-Setup 3.x

Set it up to play DVD .VOB files in your Windows Media Player 7 :slight_smile:

Presto …

mr belverder

Vob files are on Harddisk without any protection (it was not a region protection) so your answer can not help me unfortionally

You can play you’re *.VOB Files with PowerDVD Just install it and them play the movie :slight_smile:

If U have installed iit on you’re computer then U can also play the files with Windows Mediaplayer :slight_smile:

GReeeeeetzz The Lord!! :slight_smile:

Sorry but i guess my english is not that good because I do not want to play the files (I know that I am able to do that). I am in search of a program like deamon tools but then equiped for dvd.