DVD emulation from HardDrive

Thanks for your help.

I currently burn/rip DVD’s using AnyDVD and Intervideo CopyDVD.
Works well, no issues.

I can rip content to my harddrive, and play it back with several other programs, again without any issues.

But…is there any software out there that will let me rip a DVD to my harddrive, and allow me to play it back with the same MENU that pops up on my television screen when I load a DVD?

In otherwords, I’m looking for software that emulates how a DVD is played back from a stand-alone player through an A/V system.

Currenly all the software I am familar with breaks up the ripped content into different files. They are clearly labeled, so I can play bake “exta scenes”, coming attractions, etc by clicking on that file.

But I can’t play it back like it appears onscreen with my DVD player.