DVD Editing - some quick advice please

I have to edit down some DVDs to a series of highlights for a compilation DVD.

I have to start with a bunch of VOB files and end up with a single DivX AVI file.

At the moment I use MPEG VIDEO WIZZARD DVD to edit the VOBs but that only saves to MPEG which I then convert to AVI using SUPER.

Is there an editor out there that is as simple as MPEG VIDEO WIZZARD DVD but allows me to keep the clips as VOB files and which would allow me to merge them all as a series of highlights before converting to a single AVI file ?

I used to like DVD Knife but, for some reason, the editing window in DVD Knife keeps distorting, making it difficult to see what I’m editing.

Any advice appreciated !

You don’t say if you want to pay for it or not, but TMPGEnc-Author will import and edit DVD’s and output DIVX. TMPGEnc 4.0 Express will do the same.

DVD Shrink in Re-Author mode will allow you to take clips from DVDs and create a compilation.