DVD editing software

Ive got some dvd videos that I want to edit so that I can take some scenes out and burn the rest to a blank dvd. Is there any free stuff out there for video editing that will read from my computers dvd drive? I checked on cnet.com but didnt find any free dvd editors that can read from my computer drive. Please help.

Second question, doe snero 5.5 have the capability of editing dvd video, and does that have the ability to read from a computer drive? I can get a copy of nero 5.5. This project is only for editing home videos of marraige so basically I dont have a budget for this, thats why Im looking for free stuff

For video editing programs copy this address (http://www.videohelp.com/tools) to your internet browser.

Probably the best way to go is to first put the movies you want to edit from DVD to your hard disc. Then import them into a video editing program, edit them and export them to a blank DVD.


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