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hi all

I was wondering if someone could help me

I’m trying to learn how to strip all the excess garbage form my ripped DVDs before I burn then to disk but I’m getting totally lost

usually the first thing I do is to ensure I have the latest version of anyDVD then use its rip to disk function to copy the contents of the disk to the hard drive but its at this point I get a little stuck

problem 1: blanking frames doesn’t work

because I don’t know how to modify the DVD structure to make it skip past blanked out frame and all I end up with is like 5 mins of black screen where the junk should be

what I would really like to do though is to not blank out unwanted contents but to remove it entirely however this brings me to

problem 2: I don’t know how to a.) completely delete unwanted contents and b.) modify the DVD structure to remove all references to the deleted contents so that the DVD structure isn’t invalidated

now ideally what I would like is 1 or 2 tools the will allow me to delete unwanted contents and then re-sequence the dvd structure to remove all references to the deleted contents

now if this isn’t possible then would it be possible for someone to point me in the direction of a newb friendly instructions that will tell me how to accomplish this with what ever tool or tools that are currently available for doing this sort of thing


You seem to be a beginner, so use DVDShrink in re-author mode.



i tryed that already the problem here is that i then loose the menus

what i would like to do when i back up a dvd is to keep the menu minus any buttions to the removed contents such as trailers or other languages the main movie and the extras

but i dont want like 5mins of black screen where contents has been blanked out


Download the trial of clonedvd 2 :bigsmile:



again I have already tried that but I still don’t get a satisfactory result although clonedvds rip to disk function comes closer to what I’m trying to achieve its still falling short in 2 ways

1.) I end up with blank screens where removed contents should be
2.) the preserve menu function doesn’t allow me to chose which menus I want to keep and which I want to remove I only want to preserve the English menus and I want to discard the rest

ok here is what I need to know

1.) how to remove the unwanted contents correctly so that I

a.) don’t invalidate the dvd structure
b.) don’t end up with blank screens where the removed contents should be
c.) don’t end up with dead button on the menu that don’t work

2.) how to remove menus in other languages preserving only the menu for my language (English)

3.) how to remove all the references pertaining contents that has been removed so that the dvd player doesn’t try to play contents that doesn’t exist now ideally I’d prefer not to have to manually edit the IFOs to do this and would much rather leave this to an automated cleaning programme if one exists

4.) how to edit the menu to remove buttons pertaining to removed contents


The current dvd I’m trying to backup has 2 menus 1 is English the other French it has audio tracks and subtitles for English and French it also contains buttons to select the different audio tracks or subtitles

now the contents I want to save the menu the movie and the extras are stored in

Vts_01_.vob Vts_01_.ifo Vts_01_.bup
.vob Vts_04_.ifo Vts_04_.bup

the rest contain nothing but trailers ads copyright message etc

now in an ideal world I would just save

Vts_01_.vob Vts_01_.ifo Vts_01_.bup
.vob Vts_04_.ifo Vts_04_.bup

to disk and delete the rest however this is not possible because it invalidates the dvd structure and it wont play

now to further add to the complexity of this problem the

Vts_01_.vob Vts_01_.ifo Vts_01_.bup
.vob Vts_04_.ifo Vts_04_.bup

as well as containing the contents I want to keep also contain 1 or 2 streams that need to be expunged

now if I use anydvd and clonedvd I can automatically blank out the unwanted frames and remove the unwanted audio and subtitle tracks

but that still leaves some work to be done the menus for other language have to be removed I need to remove unneeded buttons and I need to set the blanked frames to be skipped and I would also like to clean out the ifo files just to be sure that the dvd player wont try to play contents that has been removed which might cause things to go haywire

now my question is how do i do these things


if you want to do that youll need a program like dvdremake pro


Vobblanker (freeware) will do a lot of this (http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/vobblanker.htm).

There are quite good guides on how to use it on that website
Vobblanker does not work with copy protected dvds.



ok having looked around at the verious tools avalible for doin this it would seem that dvdremake pro is goin to be the simplist way to get this job done

so the question is how do i do what im after i’ve played with the demo and im ok with the basic editing and have been able to blank out the unwanted contents and menu transitions and the menus for other languages and have also been able to hide/delete the unwanted buttons so now

i need a detailed guide that will demonstrate the verious advanced options


the manual is here --> http://www.dimadsoft.com/dvdremakepro/dl_guide.php?f=DRMPM3_en



problem i cant open the file