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Hello All:

I am new to your site and much more comfortable under the hood of a car than navigating thru all the new computer technology. Below is what I’m trying to do and any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. I have about 2 weeks to accomplish what I want to do.

For 2 years the wife and I volunteered a few weeks a year in Mississippi and last year in Cedar Rapids, Iowa rebuilding houses. TV channel 9 news put out a DVD documenting last years Iowa flooding. Our team raises money to purchase building supplies for the homes we work on and I want to use a few cuts from the channel 9 DVD for our fund raiser. I have talked with them and have their permission to edit off their DVD. I am running windows XP home had have a Pioneer DVD burner however, it will not read movie DVD’s

I also want to add to the DVD clips some picture I took to show the homes we worked on, kind of like a power point with some video.


  1. What software do I need to be able to play movie DVD’s on my computer?

  2. What program do you recommend that would allow me to cut/edit out certain video and audio clips from the channel 9 DVD. Would DVDFab Platinum do the job?

  3. I would like to put this on a stick drive that can be plugged into our church computer that links into our overhead projector. Will DVDFab convert to windows media player or will that computer need a special program?

  4. Does the DVDFab program allow me to make backup copies of other movie DVD’S?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.


I don’t know why you say your Pioneer burner won’t read movie DVD’s. You can install VLC, http://www.videolan.org/vlc/, it will play a movie for you. Does xp home come with Windows Movie Maker? If so, you can probably use that for your editing. DVDFab will allow you to copy DVD movies.

Thanks for your reply. XP Home does not have movie maker, just media player. I’m not adverce to pay for DVDFab if it will do the editing I need to do. Just don’t have the $1,000 for a Final Cut program that the TV station uses.


  1. Try VLC media player to watch your dvds. It is self contained and free to download and use. www.videolan.org

  2. To edit a dvd you’ll need a program that is designed to work with mpeg2 (the codec found in dvd-video). Adobe Premiere Elements, Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD, VideoReDo TV Suite, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Corel VideoStudio X2 are some of the commercial programs for this. These are all consumer level programs…not the professional tools. It is possible to cut sections out of the dvd with free tools, but to put together the video in the way you’ve described, it would be easier to use a complete package program.

  3. DVDFab isn’t the program for this. Do you need the final product in .wmv format, or are you trying to make a complete dvd-video and put it on a flash drive?

  4. DVDFab is intended for backing up commercial dvds, so the answer to this question is yes.

You can get Movie Maker here, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/updates/moviemaker2.mspx.

DVDFab really isn’t editing software, but if you need to copy commercial DVD’s, it’s excellent.

Just downloaded the VLN media player and it works great.

Thanks so much

Will FDVDFab allow me to edit the DVE and convert snips toa stick drive?

Thanks again

[B]Do you need the final product in .wmv format, [/B]

As I mentioned, I feel better with a wrench in my hand and grease under my nails. Not sure what wmv format is.

Eventually I would like to make a DVD of our trip for all our team members. For now I’m just looking for a way to get some video and pictures on a stick drive for a 10 minuit presentation.

I am amazed how fast the help comes on this site, thank you all.


DVDFab is “not” editing software. You should just try windows movie maker for now to do your editing. I provided a download link in the post above.

Whappo are you sure Movie Maker can import dvd video without converting to avi or .wmv?

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2223084]Whappo are you sure Movie Maker can import dvd video without converting to avi or .wmv?[/QUOTE]

Since I don’t use it I checked the Movie Maker forums and if you select “All files” from the import menu it can import vob files.

AVI, WMV & VOB… I normally work with standard or metric (1/2" = 13mm ect.) but am guessing your talking about a programming language? Free is always nice but I don’t mind spending a few $$ if it makes my life and what I want to do easier.

Your advice and again, Thanks

The commercial products I linked normally have trials available for you to test them. So you can try one if you’d like.

Windows Movie Maker is free, but like Whappo, I don’t use it. If it can import the dvd files you want, you should be good to go using it. It will export as .wmv ( a Windows format) not as a dvd that can be played on any stand alone dvd player. Since you plan on playing this on a computer running Windows Media player, that shouldn’t be a problem.

avi, .wmv and .vob are file extensions for different types of video. Vob files are special .mpeg2 files found in dvd-video.

Post again if you run into a snag using Windows Movie Maker or one of the commercial programs I mentioned. Any one of the commercial programs is easily found through Google by the way.

Hello Again:

With all your help I can almost see light at the end of my video. I down loaded the free version of “VideoReDo” and actually talked with one of their service tech’s. One of the companys that actually post a contact phone number and return your call (gives me confidance in their product.

I found the free version of VideoReDo TV suite very easy to use and I was able to copy the DVD section I need. This is where I ran into my next porblem, converting to WMV format which their program does not do.

They said I would need a third party converting program to make it readable on a stick drive and in windows media.

I downloaded the free (watermark) version of AVS Video Convertor 6 and it worked but I lose video quality. I would call them but they do not have a phone number. Is this normal to lose video quality when converted?

Still have no idea what I’m talking about but it’s starting to come togeather.


Yes it’s normal to lose quality when converting. Is the output of VideoReDo a standard DVD format, meaning is the file extension .vob? You shouldn’t have to convert anything to be able to play a DVD movie from a USB flash drive if the computer you will be playing it from has software to play a DVD, just as you use VLC. As a matter of fact, there is a portable version of VLC that runs from a USB flash drive so you can have the player and DVD on the same flash stick.

Does the OP want a WMV for final output? If so, try with Winff or Xvid4psp…


You could also use WME btw, import single VOB and convert to wmv, choose high quality PC playback…

February 20, 2009

I would add that Microsoft Movie Maker on Vista is 3 times better than the version found on XP.

I have had success creating and burning DVDs of very high quality using Vista; not so using XP.

Dick Stouffer

Oakland California