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I just posted the article DVD Edge9 Copy Protection.

kamuixtv used our news submit to tell us that a new DVD copy
protection has been created, which stops software such as DVD-Decrypter and
DVDfab from making a copy of the disc. The company…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11750-DVD-Edge9-Copy-Protection.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11750-DVD-Edge9-Copy-Protection.html)

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sounds great…buy a dvd and it might not work if you have an old dvd player :S


So if I have AnyDVD running in the background with DVD Decrypter, does this mean I still can’t rip the disk?
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OK So it hangs DVD-Decryptor… So What… Thats not been updated for a while as we know (although still very useful!) As for DVDFab, well I’m sure there will be a work around.


Worst case - we will have to wait a few weeks untill DVDFab and AnyDVD get updated :slight_smile: Ironically, poor users with PS2 or old DVD will have to use this tools to make a copy that can run on their machines :slight_smile:


Ooooo, I’m scared. LOL. :d


Hey Say what you will about this but at least they let you change the channel and forward through the commercials.:wink:


Yet another Want-to-be protection. There are other places, hint,hint


Add: I did not see them saying Anydvd


There will never be a protection that hackers won’t be able to get through. The only one, as far as I know, that put up a fight was Starforce for computer games. And look at it now. Owned.


Im so glad I do not have any sort of game device. I take enough asprin now. :slight_smile:


they didn’t mention ANYDVD because they know it’ll be available 24 hours after the edge9 discs come to the market :smiley:


It sounds to me like the first thing I’ll do after purchasing any of these is to try to play it on my computer and in my Pioneer DVL-909 and DV-505. Both of these players will play most any properly formatted dvd on any format media (+, -, RW, whatever) and are still in pristine condition. If it doesn’t play - it goes back as defective. I expect the old adage will hold true - if it is playable on a computer - it can be copied . . .


It looks like SF has come up with something new, I am puzzled with this “sfvfs02.sys” StarForce Non-PNP driver for days now. :frowning:


In my options, it’s just a marketing news like RipGuard did. If the disc is out, we can break it in one hour, as always.:slight_smile:


This story sounds like BS to me but if it’s true then our good friend fengtao will break it.


A couple thoughts for you: #1 - The article is written in poorly-translated Engrish. #2 - The article was submitted by the “company” making the product, it’s not actual news from any reliable news source. #3 - The “company” is using geocities to host its site. #4 - Anything that prevents a DVD from playing on certified DVD players means that it is NOT a DVD-Video, and therefore will not be adopted by the DVD Forum, nor any studios (or anybody else of importance, for that matter). This is precisely why the DVD specification exists.


Yeah, but that hasn’t ever stopped the music companies making dodgy audio cd’s for a few years now.


Whaha! Come on, why don’t make a good disc or software instead of weak protections!! Give us 3 weeks, and it will be hacked!:S


New dvdfab beta2 done it…:B;)
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