DVD EDC algorithm in C. anyone?

I have a moded a firm to read an entire frame (16 x 2064 bytes sectors), I need to check if some EDC are OK, but I can understand the ECMA EDC spec http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/files/ecma-st/ECMA-267.pdf

If anybody has a clue about how to do that in C please explain me :slight_smile:


I got it.

here is the best paper found around CRC.


the parameters used was:

p_edc->cm_width = 32;
p_edc->cm_poly  = 0x80000011;
p_edc->cm_init  = 0L;                                            
p_edc->cm_refin = FALSE;                                          
p_edc->cm_refot = FALSE;
p_edc->cm_xorot = 0L;

xt5, Can you tell me more about that moded firmware of yours? I am currently working with DVD data extraction and I am really interested in seeing some of your results.