DVD Echo, anyone seen/heard anything about this tool?




Anyone using this tool or know someone who is? Would like some info on whether its a good buy or not?

There is a “30 day money back” option but no demo download, which is a bit suss in my book.



another total ripoff of all the freeware programs you can get like :


these are all installed by this program,so what you are paying for is a menu really.



Thanks for the info…:wink:


And don’t forget about DVD Shrink…great and free,and rumored
updates appearing shortly… :wink:


or dvd toolbox


Hiya Bio Master

Re your question about dvdecho you posted.
Dvdecho is made up with a number of FREE programs. and comes with a very badly done PDf instruction ie Step by Step info.

The time its takes to do a dvd backup is for ever (when we tried it. It took about 4.5 hr’s to back up a film then it hung about 50 mins in), and you will end up using five or six different programs.:frowning:

If I was you I would use a program called DVDone you can download it from DVDtoOne

Its take about 25 mins to decryte a film 25 mins ish for DVDtoOne to do its STUFF and about 30 mins to write to a blank dvd-r

All The Best
CHEEky :smiley: