Can anyone tell me how to upgrade the firmware on an E616P2 DVD drive? I have downloaded the firmware from ASUS but when I run it, it tells me that there is name mismatch. I haven’t been able to get a reply from ASUS about it. Please help!


You probably have an OEM drive where brand name “ASUS” is missing from the drive when you check its name in Device Manager or using Nero InfoTool, am I correct?

Yes that is correct. What can I do about it?


You could try one of The Dangerous Brothers’ patched firmwares for the ASUS DVD-E616P2 or you could also try their patched firmware for the PIONEER DVD-122P. I think that I remember reading that The Dangerous Brothers had modified the flasher so that it would flash OEM devices. If they don’t work, you could send an email to them requesting a modified flasher for your OEM drive if they have one.

Thanks a million, I’ll try that.


how to convert the firmware PIONEER DVD-122P to ASUS DVD-E616P2?