DVD DW-D22A,Best FW to Burn DVD+R DL?



Hello Every1 This is my first post in here and I hope to find some answers.!

I have DVD DW-D22A and my Firmware is BYS3 . The Burning is good for me i didn’t have any problems exept slow burning before I updated my FW …it’s all good with DVD-R’s

my Question is What is the best Firmware for This Drive to BURN DVD+R DL I’m very confused because you can use different FW’s with this Drive…

thx …


I was thinking About those …LiteON 1653s (C0SM) or Sony DRU-710A (BYX4) Which one would be better choice …? to flash and Burn DVD+R DL ??



get 1653s CS0P: http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/firmwares/1653S.CS0P.patched-cf-ledfix.rar


Thx.M8 …But Could you explain it , (Comments) Why This 1 , and not the other 1… I’m sorry I’m kind newbie on this stuff. I just don’t want to Ruin my Drive that’s all…I Read a whole 7 pages about this drive , so came in conclusion…LiteON 1653s is the best…or maybe NOT ??? :confused:


it’s the newest firmware and i get the best results with it.