DVD / DVD-Writer for ripping scratch media?

Just got a NEC 3520a & AOPEN 1648/APP and all flash to lastest hacked firmware, just before say goodbye to my NEC 2510a & Pioneer 117, I found that the ripping quality of newest couples not even close to my old Pioneer 117, I have a batch of old/scratch DVD-R need to be reconditioning to new DVD-R, anyone suggest of new DVD-Writer / DVD-Rom just for ripping good result on old/scratched media on DVD-R?, speed is not important, just the quality.
My old Pioneer even just read from 0.2X to 4X. I miss my Traci Lord … lol :slight_smile:

The Liteon DVD-ROM or COMBO drives are good readers and with patched firmware they can be very fast as well. :wink:

May I ask for the model no. since there are so many verison out there.

My Aopen is flashed with firmware 1.07 RPC1, is there any other patch that can make it a better ripper?