DVD - DVD Split Issue

I used to be able to split a DVD9 into two DVD5 disks just fine using the split feature.

Now, it seems like since the last two releases, the second dvd is corrupted somehow. The first disk plays fine, but the second gets stuck on the “loading” message from my standalone dvd player, and on my PC it the drive just spins without the disk loading.

I looked at the two split folders, and can load disk1 and disk2 from the split folders just fine. It is the burning process that messes up the 2nd disk.

Anyone else experience this? Was the VSO Burning Engine changed? I am using Recommended write speed, Packet Writing, and 4300 MB media size. As I mentioned, everything worked fine, and then it seems two releases ago, everything went kaput here.

My workaround is to split the dvd9 to the hard drive, then burn each with Nero. They play fine. So, I know it’s not a media problem.

Sorry you’re having trouble. Post a burn log from one of these failures so your fellow users can take a look. Another workaround for splits is to use Customize mode with Presevre menus checked (if you want the menus on either disc). You can set the split point using the chapter start/stop function in Advanced Title Settings. It makes it a two-step process but gives you more control than the automatic split.