DVD - DVD-R problems ( lost DTS)

Hi all,
Hope someone can help me with this problem I’m having.

DVD cannot be played on DVD player or PC (mark on disk)

managed to get 1-6 and 75% of 7 vobs off disk using DVD decrypter and put on DVD-R using DVD2ONE.

Problem is DVD now has lost chapters and gives me no option for DTS (only 2 channel)which the original disk gave me…is there anything i’m doing wrong or are these files lost too?


Hi John and welcome to the forum.

I’m afraid they’re lost forever , unless you find a way to fix the original dvd. I once recovered my Saving Private Ryan dvd with the aid of a little toothpaste. (wipe it on and wipe it off , the crystals will fill in the scratches).

Perhaps this newsitem can be of any assistance.

Damn shame DTS is lost. DTS rules ! :bow:

Thanks for welcome.

The mark on the disk is not a scratch but what I can only explain as a watermark thats spread from the centre into the disk(about 5mm into disk and 20mm wide) This is no way to do with handling or storage … the stain is under the disk surface.

I get normal audio but as you say “DTS rules”,
Excuse my lack of knowledge but is DTS seperate from the VOBS I recovered?


As Far As I Know (AFAIK) DTS is an additional track among the other Dolby tracks and runs along the other streams (video stream , audio streams , subbitiling , etc).

If the dvd is damaged UNDER the surface , i would bring it back to the shop i purchased it from and demand a replacement or a refund. This is usually not something you could have done by mistreating the dvd.

If the shop refuses , i suggest contacting the factory. The information should be on the back of the cover.