DVD Duplicators


I need to purchase a DVD duplicator for a project I’m currently working on, and really don’t know where to start looking. I’ve managed to put together a wish-list of what I THINK I’d like, but despite several hours of looking around, still don’t really know if this is available.

I’m running a Mac (OSX 10.5) with Toast as by DVD burning program, and I’d like to be able to NOT use the internal burner of my iMac, but to send some kind of “image” file directly from Toast, to the Duplicators internal hard drive (for daily storage/backup), which would simultaneously start to write the same image to several DVD blanks in the duplicator.

In addition to all this, I’ll need to count every disk image and every DVD created in this unit (for invoicing purposes). If possible, I’d like to have the duplicator then send this information to me via an email or back to my website.

Is this all asking too much, do I need a custom DVD burning program, or would someone here like to tell me which of the above can, and can’t be done!

Thanks in advance.