DVD Duplicators




I’m would like to buy a DVD Duplicator, but most company’s which
sells those hardware based dvd duplicators are telling me they
don’t support css encrypted dvd’s…so the most original dvd’s

I need advize about it, what to buy, or even dón’t buy and still
keep using a computer and software.

greetz Peter


Only Authoring burners are suitable to COPY DVDs with copy protections on it…

But I really wonder what would be the sense to make SUCH copies…



Of course they say it, but what’s the pratice, can a standalone
duplicator copy dvd’s with css.

It’s for backup purpose, because all original dvd are stored in
a safe and only the backup dvd are used within our company
for our developers, analyst, designers etc. The dvd’s we are
using are very expansive and when a dvd is damaged or lost
it cost a lot of money and you can’t get on with your work.

Those dvd are movie and (special) software dvd, but not the
dvd’s you think about for rental purpose like a video store
or something.

Greetz P


No, cannot because Authoring burners are not used in duplicators (AFAIK).


You’d could rip it first, then use a dvd duplicator from octave.com


There are some duplicators that can do authoring. Microboards use to sell a autoring system that was used for game development, I can’t find it on there website - but they do exist.

I’d give them a ring or send them an e-mail.