Dvd duplicator

okay… well hello. this is my first post here. here is where i am at… i do computer repair in my spare time, and out of this, i have collected several different brands of dvd writers at different speeds. out of this, i also receive junk computers that customers either have no use for or give away. when i put the two ideas together, i thing “oh my god, i can build a dvd duplicator”. so i have a computer hooked up with 1 40 gig hard drive, 5 dvd burners, and a pertelian lcd pertelian lcd. i am a programmer, so i can write an interface between the software and the lcd. my question is: what software can i use to do simultaneous dvd and cd copying, including mac disks, and is there a freeware app of such a type? i’m think a program that reads and writes bit by bit for an exact copy, versus compressing and losing a lot of the partition tabling info.

After you’ve created the disk image, Nero will write to multiple drives concurrently, but it’s not free.

You can run multiple instances of ImgBurn at the same time, but depending on the write speed, you may need a fast system to avoid buffer under-runs.



can nero use command line switched for automation? i probably should have made it clearer. i would like to have no monitor attached, just my super-awesome pertellian. i am also setting up logmein for remote access for troubleshooting. i also have a number pad that i can use with menus for the pertellian.

To make it simply and easy, all you need to do is buy a duplicator controller. You don’t need software or monitor. You can go to Vinpower Digital for more information.