DVD Duplicator

Hello everyone!

I’m an intern at a college in Rochester, NY working for the Technical Support team. We’ve been handed a unique project that needs solving. Our admissions department has worked with the A/V Engineers to create a DVD to pass out to prospective students. Everything created in-house - the raw video down to the actual DVD Creation process. We have a few DVD-R duplicators capable of turning out about 150 DVDs at a time so no one person is stuck creating copies one-by-one.

The problem we’ve come up against is that some of the older stand-alone DVD players aren’t recognizing the DVD-R’s. We’ve had complaints from students and faculty that it “just doesn’t work”. I think I may have found a solution using the book type setting - the only problem is that I’m not sure if a duplicator exists that would read the book type setting from the original and make the appropriate changes for any future copies.

Does anybody know of a DVD+R Duplicator that could solve our problem?

  • Brian

Booktyping is not a make or break issue for many players. I’d look to the media you’re using first.

I’m not entirely sure what brand media they’re using, I think it may be Memorex. From what I’ve heard Memorex is almost bottom rung on quality. We’re thinking its not so much the media since the same disc will work in some players but not others. Is that a sign of bad media? (Sporatic operability)?