DVD Duplicator with Pioneer 115D + Hard Drive




I am getting all the components to build a Duplicator and am going to use 115D drives. I am also using a Wytron 399 controller and a 160GB hard drive as a source.

The components arrive next week but I want to prepare the hard drive with the images of the disks I need to copy.

Do I just create `images’ in Nero and put them on the hard drive or do I have to partition the hard drive into 5 GB partitions one for each source DVD?

If not then what do I do. I want to try and do it this weekend, so I can get to using the duplicator when it arrives. I know the controllers manual will tell me but of course it isn’t here yet!



I wonder who sold you the older model 399? That has been discontinued for a year!

Wyrton boards will automatically repartition your hard drive when you first start up the controller. You are wasting your time trying to do all the partitioning and drive preparation in advance.



Thanks for that I will wait until it’s all setup.

Yes I only just realised today that the 399 is an older model, here’s hoping it will still be OK



OK I set it up - and then when I was playing with it I pressed `External’ which means it shuts down the controller and expects to get its commands elsewhere.

In the manual it says I have to reboot to get control back but I have powered down and back up but nothing is on the controller - should I be doing something else (apart from read the manual first!)



@ thejungle,

Strongly suggest reading the Manual.

If reading the Manual doesn’t provide sufficient information to correct your problem suggest contacting Wytron Technical Support ->





The ,anual just said to reboot. I have just tried it again after leaving it off for a few hours and it came back up no problems