DVD Duplicator with DVR-109BK drives


I have a DVD Duplicator with 6 Pioneer DVR-109BK Drives. I’ve had some problems with it recently, so I’ve decided the best first step would be to upgrade the firmware of both the controller (Acard ARS-2033S) as well as the firmware of all the DVD burners.

The current “Official” firmware release is 1.58 for the DVR-109BK. I notice other folks putting Buffalo 8.58 or Pioneer A09 firmware on theirs instead.

Can anyone recommend which firmware to use? By default, I’m probably just going with the official 1.58… but if someone has a reason to use one of the others, I’m all ears.


1.58 is good enough. 8.xx only if you “need” DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM.

I have firmware for a pioneer duplicator for the controller. I have the firmware that was released just 6 mo. ago. I don’t know if this is any help to you, but If you want to try it ask me & I will send it to you.

PS. This is for the card not the drives!! :bigsmile: