DVD duplicator using LiteOn drives

Hello, its my first post so i’d like to say a big hi to all who have help make this forum, its excellent, have in the past found very good info on earlier problems, but now I can’t find any info on my latest problem and am hoping a someone can advise.

So, to the issue, I have a CD/DVD duplicator which is generally used for duplicating music and dvd’s created at my recording studio in London. (promo DVD’s 3 or 4 times a year), but I have tried to back up other material (some of which may have copy protection) but on some discs even when it seems to have copied it does not play properly (heavily pixelated). Upon talking to the company who provided me with the duplicator, they said something about CSS Protect, and suggested that one could get a firmware upgrade for the LiteON DVD and DVD writer in the duplicator with a DeCSS whatever this is?

Is this possible? Has anyone had any experience of this type of firmware upgrade or am I being led up the garden path?


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I don’t think this is possible to do this via a firmware upgrade. CSS (Content Scambling System) is a copy protection that is used on pretty much every commercial DVD disc. It prevents you from making a copy via Windows Explorer and such but there are a lot of software tools that can remove the CSS protection from a DVD disc. I believe the first code written for this was called DeCSS but since then a lot has happened. I personally use DVD Decrypter to remove the CSS protection from a disc but software like AnyDVD would probably be easier for you. AnyDVD is a utlity that sits in your system tray and removes the CSS protection on-the-fly, meaning that any DVD you insert into your drive will appear as non-protected. Now, I don’t know how this duplicator is hooked up so I can’t say if you can use any of my suggestions. Is it a stanalone duplicator or hooked up to a computer?

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many thanks for the rapid response.

Its a stand alone duplicator, made by CopyStar using LiteOn drives.

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