DVD Duplicator suggestions

Ok I understand the best thing to do is build your own. Starting with probably an acard controller. But I have not really stepped off into the water of BUILDING my own things.

SO I was looking at purchasing a complete outfit.

I saw 1-10 Pioneer model on ebay for 800 bucks plus shipping costs. Is there something I should be worried about from purchasing something like this?

I know the normal risks of ebay crap. I am asking about the product itself.

I don’t see any acard complete sets forsale except as 1-3 options, and thats not enough.

My casablanca dealer wants me to buy an echo star (or i thinks its discovery now) but holly crap those are VERY expensive. I am trying to save money here, not throw it out the window! :a

I think the Acard 1-3 duplicators are excellent. Mine was £210 have you thought about buying two of them!!