DVD duplicator software

Is there any software that could turn my computer into a standalone dvd duplicator. I have 4 NEC dvd burners on my winxp machine.



Your computer wouldn’t have the power for multi-burning anyway, I think.
Try with Nero 6 maybe.

I use stomp recordmax now 4.5 to make jobs for each burner.

But that will never come close to that what a duplicator can do.

I just need to be able to load my dvd drives and walk away.

Nero has a setting for using multiple drives.

Why would you need to make multiple…um…backups anyway?

I think the nero setting is for burning at the same time. I dont need to do that. I want to setup a different job for each drive and then just have to change the media out as each burn finishes. I have a bunch of tv shows that i want to burn one right after the other and i want to use all 4 of my DVD burners and walk away for 30 to 40 min while the jobs are being burned.

You mean you want to set a an increasing time delay for each of the burners, so they go one after the other? I’m not aware of any software that would do that, and as far as I know it isn’t a normal feature of a DVD duplicator anyway.

As there is a commandline interface with Nero, he could program a batch file that might do what he wants.


Yeah I forgot about that - good idea :flower:.

recordmax now 4.5 does batch burning but you have to jump thru some hoops to get it to work with modern burners.