DVD Duplicator Hook Up

I wanted to make a dvd/cd (mainly dvd) duplicator, and saw they were kinda expensive.
But I saw a duplicator controller acard 1:7 cheap so i decited to buy it.
I got it in the mail today, came with no manual, just ide cables and screws.
and an ebay receipt.

i already had 4 dvd burners, and i hooked up all the dvd burners, i did not have 7 to use, just 4. i know all the 4 pin power thing and ide cables they are all hooked up, i just dont know how to turn this thing on!

Bought a power supply.

these cables dont have a home, where do i plug them in?

or is this not going to work?

We need more information. First, it looks like there should be pictures in your post, but I don’t see any. Second, what are the brands and model numbers of the hardware being used.

Also, two things about drives:

  1. Most controller manufacturers have a list of compatible drives (make/model) they work with.

  2. From what I understand, due to the timing requirements of the duplication controller, all your writers should be the same make/model/firmware-version, otherwise you’ll have problems.