DVD Duplicator Duplication Problems

Okay we’ve got a system with the following specs:

5 - OptoRite DD0401 DVD+RW/-RW Drives
1 - Generic DVD ROM
2.5 Gb PC2700 DDR RAM
80gb Maxtor 7200 8mb Buffer Hard Drive
Gigabyte32 7N400 Pro 2 Motherboard
AMD-XP 2400+ Processor

The five DVD writers are set up on both standard IDE channels and the built in raid. The hard drive and the reader are setup on the primary IDE channel. The system is running Windows XP Pro with all available updates and service packs, and we are using Nero v6.3.0.3 to perform the DVD duplication.

Our basic problem is, whenever we goto burn on more than two of the drives, the buffers on the the drives continually fluctuates and doesn’t remain constant. We believe that this may be due to a data transfer issue within the system. We ran tests on the individual components and they’ve all passed.

Any help as to resolve or suggest possible solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Post more about the precise IDE setup - what is primary and secondary on each of the channels. This may help us to understand the setup and therefore the potential issues.