DVD Duplicator Dilemma! HELP!



Hi! Let me start by saying I am not tech savvy and this story will certainly illustrate my point. I recently purchased a Stand alone DVD duplicator to make certain…back-ups of my favorite films. As I used it today I found that I cannot copy anything worthwhile. I cannot return the item and I cannot use it. Is there anyway around the technology info where I can derive some value from the item?


I’m sure that the duplicator documents did state something about copyrighted material. But putting that aside, can you connect to the duplicator via network?
If so, it would be a matter of delivering and ISO file to the machine for burning.

If that’s not possible, you’d first need to make an unprotected duplicate of your legally owned DVD on your PC, then use that copy for duplicating in the machine. Although if you’re just wanting to make one copy, that would be pointless.

A lot really depends on the capabilities of the duplicator, whether it has an accessible hard drive or operating system, etc. Have a link to docs on the duplicator?