DVD Duplication Services

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Banned! :bigsmile:

wow! this spammer posted the same thread 9 times :eek:

Yeah, he posted 3 or 4 more while I was in the process of banning him/her. :eek:

What a tosser - This guy has been spamming many other forums I frequent, some having nothing to do with media.

I propose a new custom user title for spam monkeys … oops, I just said it.

He was banned just like that ? Don’t people get warnings and such ? Would you deal with a DVD duplication company that spams on forums and newsgroups ? :smiley: He’s probably running from his mum’s basement and is too damn cheap to afford real advertising or pay to be a sponsor :smiley:

If a member who has a few hundred legitimate posts then posts some spam s/he would be given a warning.

However, first post spam => instant permanent ban. :cop: :iagree:

[In the case of the banned user above s/he was a member for about 15 - 20 minutes during which time s/he managed to post the same piece of spam 10 times. :a ]