DVD Dual Layer RW?

I’m just looking at buying a DVD writer but was wondering if DL RW burners are due to come out in the near future ?? Is it worth waiting or should I go ahead and buy the latest DL writers ?? I was thinking of going for the NEC 3540 … is there any reason not to go for this ??


It is gonna be a while if ever before DVD+RW DL comes out. The newer formats of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are coming and will offer much greater capacity than DVD+RW DL.

I can only agree with Zazonz. I don’t think it is worth waiting.

“In March 2006, the DVD+RW Alliance approved DVD+RW part 2: Dual Layer, volume 1; DVD+RW 8.5 Gbytes, Basic Format Specifications, version 1.0, March 2006, which has been released for distribution. As of 2009, no manufacturers currently produce any media, or drives that support the format.”

A similar scenario applies to the DVD-RW DL format. It has been approved and JVC have discs but they have been put on hold due to the cost. Dual layer RW blu-ray discs are available and this has probably given the companies less incentive to provide any dvd±rw DL hardware/media to the consumers.