DVD-Dual layer is not read!

Hi all,

I burnt a dual layer DVD (mostly data from my hard drive) onto a single 8.5GB dual layer DVD using the Lite-On SOHW 832S burner, but the disc is not read by either the Samsung SD-616F DVD-ROM drive or the Pioneer 106 DVD-ROM drive that I have. If I use the burner, it reads the disc without problems? Is dual layer DVD not compatible with DVD-ROM drives?

Aquarius. :slight_smile:

your dvd-rom drive has to support the reading of recordable dual-layer discs. you can try running the latest version of Nero InfoTool to see exactly what types of media your drives can read.

When you burned your DVD+R DL disc, did you enable bitsetting for your Lite-On recorder? This might increase read compatibility.

No, I did not enable bit-setting. is that the reason that it is not working on DVD-ROM drives? Also, AFAIK bit-setting can only be done for DVD+R and not DVD-R? So if any writer supports DVD-R dual layer writing that means it will not be read on old drives too, right? Please correct me if i am wrong.

Aquarius :o

I also checked in Nero Info tool and both drives are not supporting dual-layer media, so I guess the drives are not going to read the media even after bitsetting.


the drives could still possibly read the disc after bitsetting to dvd-rom, but thereโ€™s no way of knowing without trying.