DVD drw1608-p3s found new hardware problem

Hi all,

Does anyone have clear instructions on how to get rid of found new hardware balloon? Well I start the computer, this baloon pops up. I installed nero,etc provided with the dvd burner and it still pops up. If anyone can give me clear instructions, help would be appreciated.

I would like to thank “chef” a member of CD Freaks for helping me in my previous thread regarding this topic.

Please see: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=212818

Unless you are running a pre-Windows 2000 OS, drivers are not required for an optical drive. You more than likely have another hardware item that needs drivers. Go to device manager and find the hardware that has an (!) beside it.

. Hey there, i’m a newbie to this stuff and my computer is window xp. How do you get to device manager?

Check this out, a good place to start: