Dvd drives wount play dvd`s

ok my dvd drives burn and rip dvds and play music cds but when i put a dvd this is what pops out

I would recommend deactivating real one player as a default player and remove all accompanying extensions defaulted to real one ( IE mpeg,avi,mp3, etc ). Have no action taking place after you have inserted media to your drive. Install Video Lan Player and use that to watch dvd’s. You can find the link to it in my sig.

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ok but then the same problem comes out when i try to play them in windows media player

Your problem is that real one player and window media player don’t have the plug-ins installed to play dvd’s and they will mostly likely be missing codecs as well. Video Lan Player comes with everything you need.

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:clap: wow well video lan worked man thx!

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

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