DVD drives reset when burning cds

For some reason, my NEC 3500 and 3520 keep unchecking the “enable cd burning” in the properties for each drive. I recently upgraded my mobo and dvds burn with no problem but now when I try to copy a cd with either Alcohol 120% or Nero, the programs abort and I have to go back into the properties and enable cd burning again. I’ve tried uninstalling the drives and reinstalling the software but neither made a difference. What else can I do? I’ve got a shitload of cds to burn and it’s gonna take me forever if I have to keep enabling manually. Thanks in advance.

enable cd burning?
I think you are talking about the built in Windows XP CD burning services? (IMAPI)

If not, check for packet writing programs such as InCD and disable any that you find.

Thanks Weso. It turns out the IMAPI service was turned off in the Windows control panel so I started it up and set it to automatic. Problem solved.

Schweet… Although it is strange that the switched off IMAPI services affected CD-R writing in Nero and Alcohol.