Dvd drives non existent!

Hello to all,
First off sorry if im asking newb questions or the answer is here somewhere but have spent ages looking and no diffinative answer.
anyway i have a dell inspiron with a knackered hl dvd writer so i got my old pioneer dvr108 from my old tower(which i installed no probs) took out the old drive and replaced it wwith the 108.
But since doing that it seems to have knocked both the dvd drives off the pc and it wont even detect them??
have tried various things through reading different threads , not to sure if they would of cured it though. So am at wits end at the mo , hopefully somebody would share the answer if known.
thanks in advance.

Dell has been known to use cable select for drive jumpers so if you added the drive to the machine without setting the jumpers correctly this could be the cause. Check to make sure each is set to cable select or one is set to Master and the other slave. Also check to make sure that the IDE cable is still properly connected to the mainboard and your drives. Let us know. :slight_smile:

Well sorted it , seems the ide driver got knocked off, reinstalled that and the ASPI , after doing that it all worked but after spending hours reading up on it and ages taking drives out and back in it turns out the pioneer drive is not spinning the disks.
So im off to the shops to buy a new one!!