DVD drives don't detect inserted discs

I’m running XP Home SP2 on Sony Vaio PCV RS-712 with Sony DVD CD Rewritable drive (Model DW-D22A) and Hitachi-LG DVD-Rom Drive (Model GDR-8163B (SYAO).

The two drives stopped detecting inserted discs at the same time (makes me think it’s not a mechanical failure.)

  1. I’ve tried the “Troubleshooting” help with no success.

  2. Device Manager states everything is O.K.

  3. I can’t use the disc cleaner as the discs don’t spin.

  4. I’ve tried every kind of disc I have with no success.

  5. I opened the drives to clean the lenses but couldn’t see anything that looked like a lens. I used a lot of compressed air in any opening there was. Still no success.

  6. I checked for firmware updates - but I have the latest. I tried the Windows driver update, but was told I had the best driver.

  7. I tried AutoFix, but it wasn’t helpful (“The wizard found problems but cannot fix them.”) Perhaps there’s some clues in the attached report?

  8. I ininstalled Ashampoo Burning Studio 8, but this didn’t make any difference.

  9. Booted SAFE MODE and in Device Manager I deleted ALL CD/DVD drives & then rebooted.
    No change - problem still exists.

  10. I checked BIOS and it sees the drives.

These are the helps I received on the CNET forum. I’m now hoping that there might be some other steps that someone on this forum could suggest that I take.

I should mention that I haven’t tried to use Microsoft Guided Help to delete any corrupted registry entries because the instructions indicate that I should “uninstall all CD/DVD writing or recording programs.” I’m reluctant to do this as I’m on very, very slow dial-up and the download for most programs have been around 10 hours each. I’m hoping that some bright minds will rescue me from having to try this approach.

An old-timer trying to keep up.

Some members have found this to be a helpful solution.


Thanks for the tip. I forgot to mention that I didn’t use the procedure in KB 314060 for two reasons (which I hope were good reasons):

  1. It is for resolving the problem when the “CD drive or the DVD drive no longer appears in the My Computer window”. My problem is that it’s the discs that are not recognized - not that the drives are not recognized.

  2. Instructions indicate that “all CD or DVD writing or recording programs” should be uninstalled. I was reluctant to do this as I’m on a very, very, slow dial-up and my programs have taken an average of 10 hrs each to download. I didn’t want to repeat that again if I could help it.

Are there other options I can try?

Have you tried going into device manager, and uninstalling both the primary ide and the secondary ide, then reboot and let windows autodetect the drives…

Rob, thanks for replying. Yes, I’ve tried that with no success. See item 9 of my initial posting.

I’m dealing with what appears to be the same issue on a user’s PC at work. Drives are detected with no trouble, but disks are not detected when inserted. However, I have found this tidbit - if you open Computer Management (right click My Computer and go to Manage), then go to Disk Management, the OS accesses the drive and immediately updates to the current disk state. If you leave Disk Management open in the background, it seems to keep the status updated as you swap media around.

Hope this helps. If you’ve found a true solution I’m VERY interested to hear it.

Also, check in the registry and verify that the value for Autorun in:

Is set to 1, not 0.

This determines whether the system sends a Media Change Notification (MCN) message to the Windows interface when it detects that a CD-ROM is inserted in the drive. The MCN message triggers media-related features, such as Autoplay.
If the MCN message is disabled, the media features that use it do not operate.